Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

You deserve a career that excites and motivates you, not a job that holds little hope for growth and professional development. At Primary Consulting, Inc., we’ll work with you to design a search that identifies career options based on criteria important to you. The main points of focus for every search we perform are:

Job Function
The key ingredients that keep all “fast trackers” motivated and moving along in their careers are: 1) a generous compensation package; 2) continuous opportunity to learn and grow; 3) a job function that instills in them feelings of accomplishment, value and recognition for hard work. Why should you accept anything less?

Financial Compensation
The typical salary increase in the Defined contribution Industry is 3%- 4%. The average salary increase for a professional executing a job change has historically been about 8% Thus, the most generous raise people receive is normally the one they get on the first day at their new job.

Many of today’s career oriented professionals work with us to design a career search that identifies the best opportunities available to them in as many as three or four U.S cities. Because we have clients in over 100 U.S. cities, it’s very likely we have more than one client available for you to interview within the city or cities of your choice.

There’s something unique about every individual we consult with that makes their search different. At Primary Consulting, Inc., we’re committed to understanding your situation. Let us show you how we can put you in a position to land the job that puts your career… “On the fast track to success”.