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Resource Needs

As any Human Resource professional will tell you, staffing your organization with the most talented people available is one of the keys to your company’s success. You also know how difficult and time consuming it can be to search out the right person at the right compensation level.

The solution to the challenge facing your company is Primary Consulting, Inc. Here’s why:

1. Specialized Knowledge.
We work exclusively in the Defined Contribution Industry. You’ll benefit significantly from our intimate knowledge of this field and the people who work in it.

2. Targeted Recruiting.
We are experts at identifying the best people at banks, consulting, accounting and third party administration firms, mutual fund companies, etc. We can also identify personnel experienced in any recordkeeping system, including Trustmark, Quantech, Sungard Omniplan and others.

We’ll work with you to staff positions in participant recordkeeping, conversion, administration, relationship/account management, marketing, system support and executive level positions.

3. Free Service.
Because we are a contingency recruiting firm, you pay nothing for
our service until your hiring need is completely satisfied.

4. Specific Recruiting.
Most of the candidates we place are recruited exclusively to meet your special needs. Because interviewing candidates you don’t end up hiring is a waste of your time and resources, we search for the applicant who will best fit in, not only with respect to your strict specifications, but also with your company’s “culture”.

As a result of our careful attention to detail during the recruiting process, we maintain an interview-to-placement ratio of under 3:1, year after year.

5. Pre- Recruiting.
We recruit and thoroughly screen applicants prior to your job
posting. We maintain an active file of high quality candidates waiting for the right match to develop. This often lets us fill your most critical staffing needs in as little as two weeks.

When you add it all up, one thing is clear. Primary Consulting, Inc. is a quality-minded Recruiting Firm committed to the procurement of your company’s most precious resource …It’s Human Resource.